Commit e77c7f63 authored by Mario Manno's avatar Mario Manno

Merge branch 'zonque-do-not-record'

parents 3ded1bfd 53e4562b
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ class ReportsController < ApplicationController
r = conference_events.where(Event.arel_table[:note].not_eq("").or(Event.arel_table[:submission_note].not_eq("")))
when 'events_with_unusual_state_speakers'
r = conference_events.joins(:event_people).where(event_people: { role_state: [:canceled, :declined, :idea, :offer, :unclear], event_role: [:moderator, :speaker] } )
when 'do_not_record_events'
r = conference_events.where(:do_not_record => true)
unless r.nil? or r.empty?
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
%li= link_to "events with a note", report_on_events_path('events_with_a_note')
%li= link_to "events without speaker", report_on_events_path('events_without_speaker')
%li= link_to "events with speakers in a problematic state", report_on_events_path("events_with_unusual_state_speakers")
%li= link_to "events with 'do not record' flag set", report_on_events_path("do_not_record_events")
%li= link_to "list all lectures with non default timeslots", report_on_events_path('event_timeslot_deviation')
%p Query Speakers
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