Commit ebc3feff authored by Mario Manno's avatar Mario Manno

fix strong_params for attachment in events_controller

parent 27390f77
......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ class EventsController < ApplicationController
def event_params
:id, :title, :subtitle, :event_type, :time_slots, :state, :start_time, :public, :language, :abstract, :description, :logo, :track_id, :room_id, :note, :submission_note, :do_not_record, :recording_license,
event_attachments_attributes: %i(id title public _destroy),
event_attachments_attributes: %i(id title attachment public _destroy),
ticket_attributes: %i(id remote_ticket_id),
links_attributes: %i(id title url _destroy),
event_people_attributes: %i(id person_id event_role role_state _destroy)
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