Commit ee73e27c authored by jon richter's avatar jon richter

Merge branch 'issue232_tickets_widget' into 'deployment'

Issue-232 integrate pretix-widget

Closes #232

See merge request !18
parents 142a6963 d984c0ad
......@@ -135,6 +135,10 @@ class Ability
event.event_ratings.peer_reviews.where(person: @user.person).any?
can :buy_tickets, Conference do |conference|
# Submitters can either edit themselves
can :crud, Person, id:
......@@ -3,6 +3,16 @@
%p=t('cfp.thanks_for_interest', :title => conference.title)
- if cfp_hard_deadline_over?
- if can? :buy_tickets, conference
In order to confirm your participation in the conference, please buy your ticket below:
%pretix-widget{:event => "", :voucher => "SEBZ8X38BCDSTSYT"}
JavaScript is disabled in your browser. To access our ticket shop without JavaScript, please
= succeed "." do
%a{:href => "", :rel => "noopener", :target => "_blank"} click here
- elsif not conference.in_the_past
- if person.events_in(conference).size > 0
-# if person.availabilities_in(conference).count == 0
......@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
= @conference.title
\- Call for Participation
= stylesheet_link_tag "application"
= javascript_include_tag "application", "admin"
= stylesheet_link_tag "application", "pretix-widget"
= javascript_include_tag "application", "admin", "pretix-widget"
= csrf_meta_tags
......@@ -9,6 +9,6 @@ Rails.application.config.assets.version = '1.0'
# Precompile additional assets.
# application.js, application.css, and all non-JS/CSS in app/assets folder are already added.
Rails.application.config.assets.precompile += [
'admin.css', 'admin.js', 'schedule.js', 'public_schedule.css', 'public_schedule_print.css', 'public_schedule.js', 'moment.min.js',
'admin.css', 'admin.js', 'schedule.js', 'public_schedule.css', 'public_schedule_print.css', 'public_schedule.js', 'moment.min.js', 'pretix-widget.css', 'pretix-widget.js',
/\.(?:jpg|png|gif)/ # TODO images in vendor dir?
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ en:
forgot_password_button: "Request a new password"
forgot_password_description: "Been here before, but don't remember your password? We know how it is, so please feel free to"
forgot_password_headline: "Forgot your password?"
hard_deadline_over: "Sorry, the deadline for submitting events is over."
hard_deadline_over: "The deadline for submitting events is over."
im_accounts: "Instant messaging accounts"
info_url_description_html: "Unsure what to submit? Read all about the Call for Participation at: %{link}"
information_headline: "Information"
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