Commit 354f502c authored by Gualter's avatar Gualter

Remove subcategories from reviewer ability (#213)

parent 6990ae44
......@@ -226,7 +226,6 @@ class Ability[:submission_finished, :review]) and # Submission as been finished
not event.review_reservations.where(person: @user.person).any? and # Did not already reserve
not event.event_ratings.where(person: @user.person).any? and # Did not already review @user.subcategories_assigned_to_in(@conference) and # Is of the right subcategory
if event.is_special_session?
not event.conference.ss_review_deadline.past? and # Special Session Review Deadline not over
(event.expert_review_reservations_count + event.ratings_by_reviewers) < 2 # Event does not have either 2 Reservations or 2 Reviews or 1 Reservation and 1 Review
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