Commit 6cfc8870 authored by Johannes Winter's avatar Johannes Winter

Add subactivity title

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Subproject commit 73e79b432d7a2014e3dbd49ecbdf43b3a806b325
Subproject commit 34d81efbd66c5eac51e5a6475a36fcaa7fb46e50
......@@ -281,8 +281,8 @@
<div v-if="processes.descendants && processes.descendants.length">
<!-- Lower Activities -->
<b-tooltip :label="$tc('lower-activity', 2)">
<!-- Subactivities -->
<b-tooltip :label="$t('sub-act-help')">
<b-table :data="this.processes.descendants" focusable hoverable>
<template slot-scope="props">
<b-table-column field="name" :label="$tc('lower-activity', 1)">
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