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Merge pull request #256 from valueflows/json-schemas

example json event to create resource
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"id": "E10-event-to-create-resource",
"action": "take",
"start": "2017-12-01",
"affects": {
"resourceClassifiedAs": "https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q41777871",
"currentLocation": "Mikeys basement NW corner",
"note": "Last haralson apples of the season, good storage apples.",
"trackingIdentifier": "5nw-haralson"
"affectedQuantity": {
"numericValue": "10",
"unit": "kg"
"provider": {
"id": "A1",
"name": "Bob"
"receiver": {
"id": "A5",
"name": "Mikey"
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