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### Email
Email is the one of the oldest internet distributed protocols. You can keep your communications quite well in self-controlled space if you cooperate with a [librehoster](#lists-of-libre-hosters) for your inbox. People that are deep into current IT development usually don't use email as their preferred way for digital communication anymore, as aligned tools for different kinds of digital communication (chat, forum) now exists. Nonetheless email is still unbeaten for it's accessibility and outreach, it is the preferred way for sending push notifications for most SFS.
According to the survey, the only offline client in use seems to be the libre software tool [Thunderbird]( from [The Mozilla Foundation]( The only named online mail client is [Roundcube]( It is recommended to use [Thunderbird]( as client as it is much faster and has some additional features onlineclients can't offer, i.e. archiving functionality.
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