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......@@ -149,6 +149,7 @@ All CMS of interest are libre software now. Next to [WordPress](https://wordpres
Next to the conventional gdrive and dropbox the FLOSS [Nextcloud]( is used by several CSAs. It not only enables filesharing (very soon also with end-to-end rncryption) but also for sharing of contacts, calendars and tasks. Even online collaborative document editing and video calls work on well set up servers. You can sign up to some example providers directly on the [nextcloud website]( but it is also a core offer of most libre hosters.
Some other environments might deserve a look:
- [System D]( is a very fresh but ambitious project that currently combines a shared calendar, a tasks list, a forum and a *interactive map* with more modules planned
- [crabgrass]( is a solid wiki with finegrained acces right control from the activist universe
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