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......@@ -18,9 +18,6 @@ In europe several flavors of CSA emerged from the various regions. In France var
- [AMAPress]( is a WordPress plugin for enabling the easy organisation of AMAPs
- [Clic'AMAP]( which license status is unclear originates from the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and [is used now in 2020 throughout France](
From the AMAP sister CSA-concept GASAP in Belgium originates the interesting foodcoop software derivative [RePanier]( [(demo)]( This uses the Django framework and has thus support for i18n.
Interestingly all other investigated tools have origins in Switzerland. But [sunu]( [(demo)](, which is coordinated by an association spread over Germany, is working on the adaptation of the Swiss development [OpenOlitor]( [(demo)]( to global applicability. In the first phase they concentrate on implementing features special to German circumstances, i.e. the ability to map monetary contributions to the Solawi of individual height and the ability to generate direct debit lists compatible with bank standards. Another intriguing feature is the complete adaptability with direct access to the database using SQL queries. The coding is done by the professional Swiss software company [Tegonal]( in [Scala](
A very complete solution which leave no need for ACPs from the [FRACP]( network unfullfilled is the development done by a member of [Rage de Vert]( is [ACPAdmin]( Some more ACPs are now using it, one german speaking ACP is testing it.
......@@ -32,7 +29,15 @@ Another interesting development out of this french speaking network is [CakeACP]
## Dedicated foodcoop tools
These tools differ from the CSA tools in the need of having a shopfront for offering pre-ordering functionality. The most remarkable tool in this category is the [OpenFoodNetwork (OFN)]( with Australian roots. It has a large international [community]( and a global steering organisation for it's development.
Other notable tools are [Foodsoft]( from Amsterdam and [foodcoopshop]( from Austria.
In Europe, the longest established foodcoop tool is [Foodsoft]( founded in Berlin and now maintained mainly from Amsterdam.
The relatively new [foodcoopshop]( from Austria has a fresh look and feel and aims at fostering buying groups especially in rural areas.
From Belgium originates [RePanier]( [(demo)]( It uses the Django framework and has thus support for i18n.
If you are a drupal sitebuilder you might be interested in the [coopshop modules from geeks4change](
### Common functionality of SFS tools
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