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defuse fb, add birdsite

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......@@ -150,7 +150,9 @@ One Solawi ist also using the proprietary tool [muut](
### Social media
Facebook was born dead. The future belongs to the [Fediverse](
Facebook is heavily criticized for it's data gathering, policy making and arbitrary message routing practices. See [Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal]( as an example. Nonetheless large parts of the population use it for logging their everyday activities. Hence it is seen as a valuable field for member recruitment for copious SFS.
[twitter]( is now one of the most important tools to get news from A to B. [A twitter CEO lately announced to be willing to move to a OpenSource decentralized structure](, what actually already exists in the the free software universe and is called the [Fediverse]( with [Mastodon]( as a suitable entry point.
### Content Management Systems (CMS)
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