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title: "Software recommendations"
description: "Here you find the results of the solidbase software research compressed to a commented list of software recommendations."
date: 2020-01-29
date: 2020-02-18
# SolidBase Software recommendations
For the erasmus+ project *solid base* we conducted a survey where we asked *Solidarity based Food Systems* (SFS) which software is in use by them. Combined with prior and ongoing research in the [*Free and Libre Open Source Software* (FLOSS)]( milieu, we can now give the following recommendations for dedicated CSA tools and for tools of more general applicability.
This text is also freely licensed. Find it's [source here](
## General purpose office tools
If you start a SFS you don't need any special software. Just install the general purpose office suite [LibreOffice]( and the offline email client [Thunderbird]( If you don't want any third party to spy through your windows, use a [Linux]( distribution, e.g. [Ubuntu](, [Fedora](, [Manjaro]( or checkout what else is out there on [distrowatch]( Maybe arrange a mailinglist with your preferred [Librehoster](#providers-for-online-communication), and your ready to go!
In our survey we found no special solutions in productive use for the the three groups of SFS activity **crop planning, delivery planning and budget planning**. Either these are fulfilled with the dedicated CSA tools or they are done with **spreadsheets**.
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