Commit 00e4cce6 authored by Johannes Winter's avatar Johannes Winter

add matrix

parent 19730e9f
......@@ -10,3 +10,4 @@ theme = "detox"
matomo = "true"
mastodon = ""
asocial = "false"
matrix = ""
public @ c0cce765
Subproject commit cd44396fdb91653e04adda5db57b20441deb76bb
Subproject commit c0cce7657d6d3809d4ce36748b336c28be01cfbf
detox @ c828d9b9
Subproject commit ce955e2566de882ebe5acf2ec85e15d6602486f5
Subproject commit c828d9b9e99d98523fd4dab62ea4580504b2049e
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