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note: same resource id on transfers possible

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......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Note that a transfer is a one-way activity. Two or more reciprocal transfers fo
We think that now, and more so in the future, there will be more gradations of rights and responsibilities for resources than are sometimes considered now. For example, as a society we may decide that we should take more responsibility for recycling or upcycling resources at the end of their useful life for us, or not wasting them. The concept of "ownership" may transition more into "stewardship" in a concept of the world that does not put humans in a position of controlling the world's resources or abdicating responsibilities to the ecosystem in the name of ownership. So, we are for the most part avoiding talking about ownership in this vocabulary, as we work towards more of an ecosystemic perspective.
Implementation note: Different networks may choose to handle namespaces and identifiers at different granularity. This also may depend on the technology used. So one network may have separate namespaces for the nodes in the network; another may have one namespace for the whole network. In the latter case, an implication on transfers is that the provider agent and the receiver agent may use the same resource identifier for `resourceInventoriedAs` and `toResourceInventoriedAs`, even though the primary accountable has changed.
#### Examples
* For example, perhaps some agent has many apple trees, and plans on pressing apple cider. Another agent has an apple press and agrees to transfer use of the press (a resource) in exchange for a reciprocal transfer of a portion of the apple cider. The use of the press involves some rights (to use the press for some period of time) and responsibilities (to not run it beyond its capacity and to clean it up before returning it).
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