Commit 6318abd5 authored by Lynn Foster's avatar Lynn Foster

changed direction of fullfills and satisfies

parent cd2cc2e4
......@@ -416,33 +416,33 @@ vf:trackingIdentifier a owl:AnnotationProperty ;
vf:fulfilledBy a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:label "fulfilled by" ;
rdfs:range vf:EconomicEvent ;
rdfs:domain vf:Fulfillment ;
rdfs:range vf:Fulfillment ;
rdfs:domain vf:Commitment ;
vs:term_status "unstable" ;
rdfs:comment "The economic event which completely or partially fulfills a commitment." .
rdfs:comment "The portions of economic events which fulfill a commitment." .
vf:fulfills a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:label "fulfills" ;
rdfs:range vf:Commitment ;
rdfs:domain vf:Fulfillment ;
vf:fulfilledFrom a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:label "fulfilled from" ;
rdfs:range vf:Fulfillment ;
rdfs:domain vf:EconomicEvent ;
vs:term_status "unstable" ;
rdfs:comment "The commitment which is completely or partially fulfilled by an economic event." .
rdfs:comment "The economic event which fully or partially fulfills a commitment." .
a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:label "satisfies" ;
rdfs:domain vf:Satisfaction ;
rdfs:range vf:Intent ;
rdfs:label "satisfied by" ;
rdfs:domain vf:Intent ;
rdfs:range vf:Satisfaction ;
vs:term_status "unstable" ;
rdfs:comment "An intent satisfied fully or partially by an economic event or commitment." .
rdfs:comment "The portions of commitments or economic events which satisfy an intent." .
a owl:ObjectProperty ;
rdfs:label "satisfied by" ;
rdfs:label "satisfied from" ;
rdfs:domain vf:Satisfaction ;
rdfs:range [ owl:unionOf (vf:Commitment vf:EconomicEvent ) ] ;
vs:term_status "unstable" ;
rdfs:comment "A commitment or economic event fully or partially satisfying an intent" .
rdfs:comment "The commitment or economic event which fully or partially satisfies an intent" .
#vf:finished a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
# rdfs:domain [ owl:unionOf (vf:Commitment vf:Process vf:Intent) ] ;
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