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......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ More than one app will be involved in planning in federated economic networks. P
Starting with the more tentative stages of planning, some of the apps involved might include:
* [Intents](https://www.valueflo.ws/introduction/intents.html) (needs, offers, and proposals)
* Intents could be immediate (I need or can offer this now) or for time span (I generally need or can offer x amount of this over the course of a year).
* Longer-term intents could be analyzed by something like http://locecon.org which is compatible with VF.
* [Conversations for Action](https://www.valueflo.ws/introduction/cfa.html), Agreements, [Exchanges](https://www.valueflo.ws/introduction/exchanges.html), and [Processes](https://www.valueflo.ws/introduction/processes.html).
* [Recipes](https://github.com/valueflows/vf-apps-recipes).
* [Generating plans from recipes](https://speakerdeck.com/mikorizal/6-nrp-planning-concepts-and-tutorial).
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