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# vf-apps-traversing-the-flows
# vf-apps: traversing-the-flows
This is not so much an app in itself as an algorithm which could be implemented as one or more modules to be used by different apps.
This is being harvested from https://github.com/valueflows/django-vocabulator/, although it is also used in all the versions of NRP (for example in [planning](https://speakerdeck.com/mikorizal/6-nrp-planning-concepts-and-tutorial) and [value equations](https://speakerdeck.com/mikorizal/10-nrp-value-equation-concepts-and-tutorial)), because the logic was cleaned up a lot for the vocabulator.
This [vocabulator issue](https://github.com/valueflows/django-vocabulator/issues/7) describes the cleanup and links to examples of the code.
This README is a placeholder. The actual spec will evolve in issues, and then summarized here.
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