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<h1 id="value-flows-vf-vocabs"><a href="#value-flows-vf-vocabs" aria-hidden="true"><span class="icon icon-link"></span></a><a href="">Value Flows <code>vf</code> vocabs</a></h1>
<p><img src="" alt="Value Flows icon"></p>
<p>Value Flows is a set of common vocabularies to describe flows of economic resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems.</p>
<p>Purpose: to enable internetworking among many different software projects for resource planning and accounting within fractal networks of people and groups.</p>
<p>Or, if that is too many buzzwords, &quot;let&apos;s help a lot of alternative economic software projects that are solving different pieces of the same puzzle be able to work together&quot;.</p>
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