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Draft: stage and state added where needed

Lynn Foster requested to merge stage-state into sprout

This is the start of this MR. It included properties stage and stage added where needed on the class definitions: EconomicEvent, EconomicResource (just updated), Commitment, RecipeFlow.

It doesn't include anything on parameters.

Notes on implementing resolvers, which I'll also add to the wiki app guidance soon:

  • On EconomicEvent, a state is only valid on an output event, and should update the EconomicResource.
  • When an EconomicEvent that is an output of a Process, and the Process has a basedOn (ProcessSpecification), and creates or updates an EconomicResource, it should always populate the stage on the resource with the ProcessSpecification referenced by the Process.
  • On Commitment and RecipeFlow, stage and state are valid only on input flows, and mean "these are part of the logical identifier of the EconomicResource the flow will be looking for".

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